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A Voyage of Discovery with Braccialini Bags

Braccialini’s Spring/Summer 2011 bag collection must fully epitomise Roberto and Carla Braccialini’s 1954 vision when they first started manufacturing ‘art vs fashion’ leather goods for women who want unique and playful items.

The company’s 200 employees  at their Feng Shui, Florentine factory have produced a collection inspired by all things Indian and African, taking it’s admirers on a voyage of discovery uncovering and celebrating the rich cultures and symbols of the east and Africa.

The double-storey Braccialini showroom in Milan’s Corso Venezia will have your head spinning with their latest creative accessories, but it was in a bag boutique in Roma, where I found the African-inspired Braccialini masterpiece of any Sud Africana’s dreams: A multi-coloured patched bag with bronze animal badges on one side, calling for animal protection and conservation.

As arty as these bags may be, their unconventional colour combinations make them the ideal accessories to mix and match to complement your daily look.


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