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A plea to the City of Milan: Save our heels!

Dear City of Milan,

I am your greatest fan so please don’t regard this post as negative but rather as constructive criticism – after all, I do want you to be the best, most hospitable host you can be by the time Milan Expo 2015 comes around. And considering that many of your visitors will be walking your beautiful city all the way from Cadorna to Duomo and Brera, I urge you to SAVE OUR HEELS!



I speak for all women when I say that your streets are far from heel-friendly; an absolute tragedy considering that the best footwear in the world is crafted here in Italy and fashion lovers flock to your prestigious streets to buy as many pairs as luggage limitations allow, but they certainly can’t be worn here with peace-of-mind and confidence.

I recently bought an expensive pair of bling sandals and decided to wear them out on the same evening to a few events around the Quadrilatero Della Moda. Due to the uneven sidewalks, I almost twisted my ankle five times but even worse is the wretched state these new shoes are in. It’s impossible to walk across cobbled streets where eroded grout has left craters in which heels sink and inevitably scratch and tear open. Then, the worst of all heel killers has got to be the grills and drain covers along the streets which have grooves and holes in all shapes and large sizes trapping and ripping high heels to shreds.






Out of respect for the beautifully crafted products sold within your borders and for the large amount of money that our weakness for Italian stilettos contributes towards your economy, please do something urgently to patch your sidewalks, streets and paving because for as long as it continues to degrade, I can’t possibly invest in more designer footwear and lug an extra pair of flat pumps everywhere I go.

And lastly, wouldn’t it be heaven if all the boutiques along the Quadrilatero Della Moda follow the wonderful example set by Larusmiani and Van Cleef & Arpels, and replace the dangerous grills in front of their retail territory with branded heel-friendly ones instead?

THANK YOU, Larusmiani and Van Cleef & Arpels for being forward-thinking, considerate and responsible towards your valued female clientele.


With love,


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