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A bus tour of Rome – I just LOVE this city!

Rome was not built in a day, but with the convenience of informative bus tours through the city, it can certainly can be seen within 24 hours. My family wanted to visit the Vatican City and it just so happened to be Sunday mass at the same time, so we sought refuge in the shade of the majestic pillars and waited for the pope to appear at his window.
With the blazing hot sun and the mercury a molten 36 degrees, we decided that the best way to get around the city would be to get seats on board the double-decker, yellow Roma Christiana buses which cost 19 Euros per adult. This gave us the freedom to hop on and off to visit the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, and we could commute in comfort, thanks to a shaded canvas above the open upper level while the lower deck was air-conditioned.

The prototype for modern arenas, the Colosseum is a marvelous sight. It’s fascinating to think that the mega-structure could pack over 50 000 spectators within its walls to watch gladiators fight for their lives against wild animals. Today, we were amongst the hundreds of international tourists who flocked here. I spent some time people-watching and I just had to snap away at this lovely lass who dressed for the occasion wearing glittering gladiator sandals as well as this newly-wed couple, one of many who ironically celebrate their love at an ancient site of death and barbarism.
On my two previous trips to Rome, I threw coins into the Trevi Fountain testing the promise of return trips to the Eternal City. There must be some truth to this, because here I am again, flipping several more coins which should guarantee another trip 🙂












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