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NaraCamicie: The Haute Couture of Shirts

Finding a functional shirt that is both glamorous and flattering can be quite a task. It’s never the right colour or the fabric is too hard causing the shirt to puff up in all the wrong places. On a recent trip to Italy, I found myself gravitating to every NaraCamicie store I passed in Milan and Rome (and there is indeed one on every corner!).

Enter a NaraCamicie store and you will discover tailored masterpieces which are the Haute Couture of men’s and ladies shirts. Neat displays of beautifully crafted clothing on torsos line the shop walls making it really tough to decide on whether or not you prefer black floral lace or crimson satin. Either way, the detail on these classic camicie make them must-have items in any fashionisto/a’s closet. Made of the finest Italian fabrics, these impeccably tailored shirts boast interesting collars, necklines and textures that will make the ideal forget-me-not statement at any function, be it a board meeting, job interview, evening dinner or engagement party.

If you want quality and Italian style, then be prepared to pay for it. The cost of a NaraCamicie shirt ranges between R800 to R2000 depending on the range, design and fabric. NaraCamicie stores can be located all over Italy and also in major cities across Europe and North America. Be sure to add NaraCamicie to your must-see list on your next Euro tour.


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